Top 25 Internet Roundup: The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Advertising, Promoted Tweets to App Timeline, The 8 Principles of Product Naming, The Anatomy of an Effective Web Design, and Writing Great Subject Lines

Facebook Marketing

The Do’s and Don’ts of Advertising on Facebook
Yes, you should consider advertising. Yes, you can start with Facebook ads. Yes, you can learn how to Continue reading Top 25 Internet Roundup: The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Advertising, Promoted Tweets to App Timeline, The 8 Principles of Product Naming, The Anatomy of an Effective Web Design, and Writing Great Subject Lines

Top 25 Internet Roundup: Tips to Increase Facebook Fans, Avoid Hashtag Disasters, Moving 3px to the Left, Blogs for Entrepreneurs, and Turning Browsers Into Active Shoppers.

Facebook Marketing

Top 5 Tips to increase fans on Facebook Fan Page
Basics for dummies! Continue reading Top 25 Internet Roundup: Tips to Increase Facebook Fans, Avoid Hashtag Disasters, Moving 3px to the Left, Blogs for Entrepreneurs, and Turning Browsers Into Active Shoppers.

How To Stand Out in a Sea of Web Content

The Great Wave by Aurore Colson

You’ve heard it said that content is king but with the 30 billion shares per month on Facebook, 200 million tweets per day on twitter and more than 48 hours of video posted to you tube each minute. How will your content for your business actually get noticed in that massive deluge of information?

The Answer: Passion

The beauty of the web for users is the ability to find exactly what we want when we want it. And most importantly to stay connected to subjects we are passionate about. People are passionate about sports, about decorating, about cooking, about wine, about celebrity gossip, about humanitarian efforts in Japan. As marketers it is our job to find topics of passion around which business owners and customers will connect in a meaningful way.

People Don’t Care About Things. They Care About Experiences with Things.

That is what our blogs, our videos, and our social shares have to center on if we want them to be meaningful. Engage readers, viewers, friends and tweeps in experiences, conversations, and topics they care about and make the things we sell a part of that larger experience.

Sell hotdogs? Instead of blogging about hotdogs try blogging about baseball (according to the national hot dog and sausage council major league ballparks were predicted to serve almost 22 million hotdogs per season! ). Discuss the fine points of the difference between a Dodger dog, a Chicago dog or a hot dog at Fenway or Yankee stadium.

Talk to Your Customers

People become passionate because of the experiences they have had. Find real stories that connect customers to you and to each other and build communication around the topics of those stories. Being the connection point between customers with shared passion will make your brand part of the glue in their relationships with each other.

A Motorcycle event promoter redesigned all their promotional content for a Memorial Day motorcycle show around honoring fallen U.S. troops. Fans responded with social shares, comments, and huge event response because they wanted to honor those they were close to. Sure they were Bikers and they wanted to go to a bike show, but the social traction gained by connecting to that larger issue massively improved the pre and post-show sharing. Following the event the tagline “Because They Died We Still Ride” continued to circulate the web.

What Passion Points Can You Tap into with Your Customers?

What passion points are consistent between your leadership, staff, and customers? Leverage some of those things as the center of your Facebook content.

Your Calls to Action Suck! How to fix the 5 mistakes that are killing your conversion rate.

Why is Vince Shlomi selling more on lat e night TV than your website is selling to qualified customers?If Vince Shlomi can sell the  Slapchop and the ShamWow on late night cable with crappy high pressure smamry sales techniques why isn’t your website converting more of the viewers who actually make an effort to see it into customers?

It’s because unlike Vince you don’t know how to excite people correctly and ask them to take action! Business websites regularly accept a 2 to 5% conversion rate as a “good” average conversion.

WAKE UP PEOPLE. If only 5% of the people who visit your website are interested in what you offer you need to change something. The problem is not that the numbers of interested parties are low. Here is a news flash if people aren’t interested in you and what you offer they will not visit your website. They may not be ready to buy yet but a visit is an indication of interest in a topic you cover. That means it is your job to inspire them to become a customer while they are viewing your website. And in most cases I have found the failure point is the call to action.

The 5 mistakes in your Current Calls to action:

1. No Call to Action at All

The most common mistake I’ve seen in a 12 years working with small businesses on their web marketing is expecting that a little button in the corner that says contact is enough to entice people to contact you. (this is why 2% conversion rates happen) very few of your potential customers want what you have from you so badly that they will contact you to get it. You MUST include a call to action of some kind on EVERY page in your website. Think of each call to action as one of the steps in your driving directions from Google maps. They aren’t all about the destination but they are all moving you one stage closer to the end goal.


Read, Learn, or See xxxx Click Here (this is a basic call to action that can fit on any page in your website because it links to further info (this is the smallest action you will ask someone to take. Including this alone will boost your page views by up to 100%

2. Not offering value for value

Customer information is currency. That is why facebook advertising is growing like crazy as is their corporate valuation. Every call to action that asks a customer to fill out a form, or sign up for a mailing list, or even share your information should tell them specifically what value they will get in return for doing so. In fact don’t even ask them to give you information just tell them what they are going to get and let them click on the link.

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3. Not Specific Enough

Odds are you do more than one specific thing for different types of customers. You probably even have pages that talk about different services or different ideas on your website. That means you need different offer for each page type. If you nutritional supplements for energy, immune system boosting, and increased focus, you need three different sets of calls to action. And you need to target your page content so if you are talking about increased energy your call to action should include something about increased energy. If you are talking about immune system health your call to action should include immune system info. Only using one call to action will immediately inform the visitors interested in your other benefits that you are not offering them anything at this time.

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4. Poor Page Placement

Calls to action should have on visible spot on every screen worth of scrolling. If I am reading your two screen long article on how to combat the signs of aging at any point in the reading process it has to be easy for me to click on a call to action and take the next step. DO NOT make me scroll to the bottom, or back to the top to find your call to action, I will just leave your site instead! Always make sure you have a call to action above the fold. (I prefer half way down the screen on the right hand side) most people are right handed and as such their mouse pointer hovers to the right as they read your content putting your fist call to action there will increase results.

Add another link to your most related call to action inside the body copy of your article as link text AND as a graphic. Last, include a call to action at the end of the page close to the bottom. If I have read your whole article please reward me with an easy next step don’t force me to go scrolling around hunting for it. You will lose me if you do.

Example: Clcik to View Larger - Conversion content structure call to action placement

Placing a click-able call to action in each screen worth of content makes it easier for your visitors to take action when they are ready without having to hunt for the button.

best conversion come from having one obviousl clickable call to action in each “screen” worth of content.



5. No Variety

If I visit 5 pages in your website and see the same 5 calls to action you are missing the boat! I haven’t clicked on the call to action you offered me because that particular one didn’t appeal to me.

This is where split testing or A/B testing can be valuable. Run two versions of each call to action, link to separate conversion pages that are no different except for the description of what the user will get. You will be amazed at how quickly your overall conversion rates improve but odds are you will eventually find multiple calls to action are equally good performers.

Variety is the biggest key to seeing 30% plus conversion rates. If each call to action connects with 5% of your visitors then you don’t need “better” calls to action, you need more of them that are equally good because not all of your visitors are the same and this is one of the most important realities of web marketing.

Both of these calls to action would appear on different pages in a site related to supplements increased focus:
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Increasing your conversion rates is not rocket science; it’s about understanding the dynamics of people and communication. Remember the keys that people need to be lead, it has to be easy, they have to get big value for anything they give you, and they are not all motivated by the same offers.

Go re-visit your website and look for the mistakes above. How many of them are you making? Got additional insights on calls to action and conversion rates? Please comment below and share them below.

Comprehensive List of 178 Ping Services

Update Ping Services

Ping services allow you to automatically notify blog directories and search engines that your blog has been updated. The bigger your ping list the higher the chances of receiving traffic from those sources, so check out the list below and include it on your blog

You can copy and paste these URLs into your blog service ping options screen (in WordPress, you do it by choosing Options > Writing > Update Services) with each URL on its own line.