Internet Roundup: Top 25; Pros and Cons of Facebook’s Subscribe Feature, Epic Uses of Embedded Tweets, Finding Inspiration on Fast Food, Turning Small Projects Into Big Profit and Email Marketing Services Reviewed.

Facebook Marketing

See What Attracts People to Your Business’s Facebook Page
Content matters. Looks matter. Everything you do on Facebook matters when it comes your customer’s attention and interests.

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Is Submitting Products to Google Merchant Center Good for SEO?

Keith, a user on the new inbound marketing discussion forum built by hubspot asked this question and it inspired me a bit.

Google Base, now Google Merchant Center, lets users post products that can be searched for in Google. Would it make sense to add products from my company to Google Merchant Center to help with our SEO efforts? Would the links we post in our product ads be considered high authority links since they are from Google?

Your thoughts?



My answer is a resounding Yes!

take a look at the screencap beow from google SERP for the keyword Engravable Clocks

Is Submitting products go Google Merchant Center Good for SEO?

Smack Dab at the top of the SERP’s gaining massive attention is a feed from Google Merchant Center.

With a sample keyword: “Engravable Clocks” there are 2900 monthly searches, 26,500 results for this Google search, there are only 11,000 product results. Plus the product results show only 20 sites they are pulling results from. the lesson being in the top 3 products gets you a free spot on the first page of the SERPS and if you have low competition in the products feed this is huge opportunity for visibility.

Add the impact of Google instant and the fact that the photo from the first result is visible in the SERP and that could net you a much bigger share of the traffic than if you weren’t using Google Merchant Center.

Comprehensive List of 178 Ping Services

Update Ping Services

Ping services allow you to automatically notify blog directories and search engines that your blog has been updated. The bigger your ping list the higher the chances of receiving traffic from those sources, so check out the list below and include it on your blog

You can copy and paste these URLs into your blog service ping options screen (in WordPress, you do it by choosing Options > Writing > Update Services) with each URL on its own line.

Exclusive: Guess Who Else Is Coming to Dinner? Twitter-Microsoft Bing Deal Confirmed, but so Is Facebook-Bing.

Twitter – Bing  deal and Twitter – Facebook deal puts bingon path to offer unique advantage over Google in searching realtime conversations on the web.

Major potential SEO impact of links in Twitter feeds and facebook status updates.

read the whole article: Exclusive: Guess Who Else Is Coming to Dinner? Twitter-Microsoft Bing Deal Confirmed, but so Is Facebook-Bing.

My key takeaway here, if Bing begins to index Twitter and Facebook status updates it will make the value of micro blogging even higher in developing link relevancy and inbound link volume for search marketers.

Look for the near future to include leveraging twitter and Facebook conversation streams as part of your overall search strategy.

SEO as you know it is Dead! NEW SEO in the Social Media Age

“if we don’t fix Web pages for google, what are we going to do?”

And that is the very crux of textbook SEO’s diminishing value.

I’ve gone on record as saying, “The Web is no longer just a collection of HTML pages linked together. It is a network of networks of people who are totally connected to each other. I believe it’s the understanding of these connections that will shape not just search, but all of marketing.”

the above text is an excerpt from web 2.0 is just so 2008 by Mike Grehan for

and Mike is right

SEO as a “lets engae google because that is where peopel start their web experience” concept is rapidly diminishing.

The Web has become a component of our social culture. In our society before the web (remember pre 1995) people used to get reffferals to businesses to find the solutions they needed. and now websites like stunmbleupon, twitter, digg, buzz up, alltop etc all do the same thing.

As humans we still rpefer to do business wiht someone that somneone we know or trust already knows or trusts.

I’ve been in web marketing for 10 years and have found one truth across all sectors. Search generated traffic almost exclusively produces customers who value low prices over quality of service or quality of customer experience. And that’s becasue broad search customers are the least educated consumer in the marketplace. that’s not to say they arent valueable they are. 

A better educated consumer is more valueable, more loyal, and ultimately easier to persuade into buying.

As a business person I try to align myself with brands that are not purely price driven competitors. Becasue no one searches for exotic luxury car and prepares to buy a Bentley ‘cuz they saw one on Google.

It’s about building a real brand presence on the internet. engaging people on twitter, and facebook, and even on forums that relate to your product or service. Leverage these relationships to building a strong brand story online through multiple interconnected touch points. This is where savvy marketers are going for 2010 and beyond hurry up and get cracking.

The is the dawn of online positioning.

The next decade will bring about a time where we use multiple online media channels to build a brand position and we will see searches become much narrower. People will search more for specific products and brands rather then for broad generalizations for types of products and services.

Use the online socialmedia spehere to build a top of mind awareness with your customer so they think I need starbucks instead of I need coffee. then all of your traditiona SEO aware competitors will compete for the lowest common denominator of customer still searching for coffee, while you rake in the cash selling overpriced steamed foamy milk!

Now go do something I’m going to drink my Doppio Espresso Macchiato with Carmel!

Questions to Ask Before You Pay for SEO Services

Is your SEO provider recommending Key phrase specific landing pages?

Is your SEO provider recommending at least 20 different keyword phrases, (including “long-tail keywords”)

How are they expecting to measure success on the back end? will they be involved and provide reports?

Is there any press release SEO attached to the campaign?

Do they expect to provide any Link Building services?
If so get a list of sites they expect to submit you to before you pay for this and require some percentage of link adoption with confirmed reporting before you consider this stage completed.

Get a complete outline of your current positioning before they start so that you have a benchmark!!!