Are You “Eating Your Own Dog Food”? The biggest key to succesfully leverage social media

So often we see companies that want to “leverage social media” but aren’t actively engaged in digital communities. It’s an easy mistake. you get busy. Digital relationships become less important to manage than the ones with customers who call or walk into your business.

But this transactional view of digital media is the marketing equivalent of a startup that doesn’t eat it’s own dogfood. Credibility suffers when visibility declines.

Activity in the Right Communities Produces Measureable Value

Key is understanding which communities are valuable and tracking a way to connect from digital community to realized revenue. It’s the stuff that most agencies don’t want to dig into because it requires *gasp* accountability to the metrics.

we see this as the biggest change in the digital marketing realm. we know if it’s really working. more visits are real. increased inbound calls are real, foot traffic is real, ticket sales are real, product sales are real.

If you aren’t getting these from the digital environment maybe its time to rethink your dogfood.

Why Your Facebook Page Is About To Lose Likes

Don’t Panic..

Facebook is releasing a really logical much overdue change that may improve your engagement stats.

Facebook is updating page likes counts to remove likes from deceased and permanently inactive facebook accounts.

As of writing this article every facebook page shows every like ever earned. But what happens when some of those likes are from deactivated accounts? or memorialized users who have passed away?

Facebook has decided to remove their likes. this means going forward your like numbers will be a little more fluid as humanity changes. the like number is becoming more ephemeral. more of a barometer for who likes you right now. not who ever liked you at any time in history.

If you have a relatively new facebook page and only a few dozen followers you may not notice a change at all. If you have Thousands, or MIllions of fans collected over the last several years this “small” change could swing your like numbers somewhat significantly.

This is a really good time to explain to your team why reach, engagement and growth rate are for more important than total likes. If you have likes a s part of your social media success metrics or not many team members may benefit from this feedback now. Infact this correction in like numbers may increase your engagement rates.



Facebook News Feed to Deprioritize Brand Posts That Look Like Ads

Facebook announced today that it will begin limiting the number of “promotional Page posts” in the News Feed starting in January. That means you’ll see fewer posts from brands asking you to buy products or enter promotions and sweepstakes. The great part here is Facebook (theoretically) is listening to the users with this change. though it may be pressure from stakeholders to increase ad sales by squeezing brands access to consumers (hard to say). either way they released a blog post today saying the following:

We asked hundreds of thousands of people how they feel about the content in their News Feeds. People told us they wanted to see more stories from friends and Pages they care about, and less promotional content.

In order to build a better experience for users Facebook is now automatically deciding if your brand post “looks like an ad” and will show it to fewer of your fans in their news feeds. The subtle messaging here (if you want to run a cheap advertisement, pay for a cheap advertisement) Pair this with the rules around promoted posts not being more than 20% text in any image and you’ve got Facebook really trying to bring the experience back to be social interaction between people not a never ending barrage of “buy my stuff” posts and Clickbait.

Top 3 things Facebook Users said make posts feel too promotional:

  1. Posts that solely push people to buy a product or install an app
  2. Posts that push people to enter promotions and sweepstakes with no real context
  3. Posts that reuse the exact same content from ads
Examples of these types of Page posts:

What you can do to keep your posts visible:

Make sure your brand is posting real content. Post photos, videos, links and updates that add value for your fans without asking them to “Buy right now” put your fans getting value before you getting sales and the fans will help you get more sales. Even if it’s only because they will actually see your content compared to your competitors whose self  promotional posts will find diminishing returns for the next few months.

Read the fill blog post here:

Big Brands Take Top level Domains To TUMBLR

We met with an old friend and Tumblr brand strategist inside Tumblr’s NYC HQ last week and talked about what’s happening with brands on TUMBLR.

We were shocked to hear that 5 global brands have already moved top level domains to Tumblr.  That’s right global brands are dumping their websites in favor of a micro blogging platform.


1. now powered by Tumblr

2. now hosted on Tumblr


Skittles brings the Rainbow to Tumblr (unicorns optional)


Ruffles moves to Tumblr with the #roughlife campaign


Ivory Soap move there top level domain to Tumblr

Let’s look at why:


Tumblr has a world class hosting infrastructureBacked By Yahoo and With a cadre of developers dedicated to improving Tumblrs awesome every day. End to end software, server and connectivity all in one house with paired software and hardware improvements) this is what makes great web properties run really well. and what most dedicated servers are supposed to be before they fall well short of the mark of excellence. How do we know Tumblr will be good at this? Remember GEOcities. Yeah so do we. In 1999 GeoCities was acquired by Yahoo!; at that time it was the third-most visited Web site on the World Wide Web. There were at least 38 million user-built pages on GeoCities before it was shut down in 2009 (Good job Yahoo). But TUMBLR has revenue, a feat Geocities was too before it’s time to get big brands into.

Baked in Virality

Every piece if content is super easy to engage with, share, and reblog. Instead of betting big on a Facebook page where you are waiting to get .1% of Facebook’s total traffic to your page and then even less to click through to your website. The whole branded web experience lives in a native environment with 199.1 visitors per month.

Built for Mobile

The Tumblr experience strips all of the fluff out of web browsing and puts as little as possible between the user and the content. Window dressing is nice but todays web user is on a mobile device, driving, Swilling a half-caf soy latte, and trying to get the 3 year old in the back seat to daycare and get to work on time. It fast. It only takes a thumb to manipulate, Youtube videos play in place, Instagram photos show in place, and stuff can be automatically shared from Tumblr to Facebook. TUMBLR is built for the dual screening multi tasking over caffeinated, ADD stricken american consumers. As a result 50% of active Tumblr users are on mobile.

Content Comes First

Conversation on Tumblr are ONLY around shared content. No content no interaction. No annoying posts like “my cat rolled over” that still keep the mass market at arms length from Twitter. Nor the deluge of auto-selected Cyberdyne curated Hal 9000 controlled content from fbook. (sorry Mr. Z.) and unlike GPlus people actually use it because it’s built for people not software.

Advertising Opportunities

Tumblr is not a DIY mass market ad platform yet ( and we hope they don’t race to the bottom to become one) Tumblr has real advertising for real scale companies. The little guys can get by on producing awesome content and leveraging virality. Tumblr’s leadership is treating the channel with some respect and making sure the brands getting first page promoted Status and mass outreach are capped with reasonable enough minimums that the users feeds aren’t overrun by advertising and promoted clickbait. They’ve even partnered with agencies to build strategies hand in hand with their advertisers.

It’s Time To Test Now!

Our visit made us rethink our relationship with the social web. Committing to go all-in on Tumblr is letting a handful of early adopting brands turn every post into an easy to find, easy to interact with and easier to share trackable nugget of content marketing gold with the full hereditary nature of Viral shares plain to see and analyze. No more digging through wonky analytics to find influencers, it’s all super transparent to you and your followers and the influencers.

We are starting to believe that If you have a consumer facing brand a custom Tumblr site and a strong Content strategy may be a bigger winner than most any other CMS on the market. Stay tuned for some tests as we look at how Tumblr performs in moving feet not just mouse clicks.


Step By Step Social Customer Discovery via Facebook for less than $50


The first step to launching/ marketing  a new business, product, or service is to make sure there is a product/ market fit.

The lean startup methodology says identify customers BEFORE you deploy resources to build a product or service

You must ID product market fit before any other work happens otherwise you risk wasting resources building the wrong thing. Instead of spending countless hours and tens of thousands of dollars building a product that no one wants you can test small and determine if your product solves a problem people want solved. Most products or services can save thousands in development by learning what customers want instead of guessing.

Lets say we are going to launch a new line of trendy kids clothing patterns for toddlers that moms can download and sew called KidCouture

Here is what you need

A description of your customer

Who will buy this? it’s not the toddlers. It’s probably moms, and not just any moms but moms who like to sew and make clothes for their kids. Not just any clothes though, trendy clothes. Now that we know who we are serving we need to figure out why they will buy from us.

A clear value proposition

This must be a one sentence or phrase description of what you will deliver to your prospective customer. This is the center of your business model.

The narrower the focus the better. Even if your product will do lots more figure out the shortest way to describe the core benefit of what you will do.

For our clothing patterns we think that moms will want these patterns because they are trendy, easy to make, and cheaper than fashion brands. So we will want to test Three functional Benefits

  • Easy to make
  • Value for money
  • Design conscious

Remember we are testing here so we can see if we have a fit with the market. we don’t want to test just one idea we want to test a couple ideas and see which one connects.

Our first 3 value test value props are:

  1. KidCouture downloadable DIY clothing patterns you can easily make for your toddler.
  2. Clothe your kid for less without looking homespun KidCouture downloadable patterns you can sew.
  3. Have the best dressed baby on the block download designer patterns you can sew for your toddler from KidCouture

Remember we are looking to see if people want this so all we need now is a way to test if they will respond to one of these value propositions.


Describe how you plan to deliver on the value proposition

The value proposition gets the potential customer to come to our test page. From there we want to see if we can get signups for our mailing list. We need to give them just a little more info to support the value prop, then get out of the way and let them respond.

We can test a description like:

KidCouture takes top designs from brands like Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Prada, and Alexander McQueen and shrinks them to toddler proportions then provides you with a pattern and some ideas for colors and materials to bring the designer look to your DIY Kid clothes.

All of our patterns are easy to follow and will have your kid looking fierce in no time.

Ask for an email address

You are looking for early adopters here so they are people who like to be first and like to know what others don’t. play on that. you will revise once you have some established market to go after the middle of the bell curve but right now we only need to talk to the early adopters because they are who will try us out anyway.


Get on the insider list to receive our first sample patterns the minute they are available signup with your email below.

Promote the Page

Your value propositions will be your ad text. since we want moms we are going to Facebook first. Where we can target

123,260 people
who live in the United States
between the ages of 25 and 45
inclusive who are female
who like #Sewing, #Fashion, diy fashion make clothing 3 or making clothes
who are in the category Parents (child: 0-3yrs)

We can reach these moms on facebook for less than $0.75 per thousand impressions. To get a good sample we want to get at least 50k impressions so a budget of $37.50 is enough for our first test

Track Your Results

There are three key metrics we want to find from this campaign.

  • how many ad views does it take to get a click to the landing page
  • how many landing page views does it take to get an email signup
  • Are there enough customers in this market assuming a 2 to 5% conversion rate from your email signups?

This quick test should take just a few days to run and give you information that you can continue to build from to make better decisions about product market fit.

If the numbers support moving forward you can go into product development. If the numbers do not support going forward go back and re-test with market parameters, or with different value propositions until you have enough results to decide to move forward, or pivot your concept.

Top 25 Internet Roundup: The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Advertising, Promoted Tweets to App Timeline, The 8 Principles of Product Naming, The Anatomy of an Effective Web Design, and Writing Great Subject Lines

Facebook Marketing

The Do’s and Don’ts of Advertising on Facebook
Yes, you should consider advertising. Yes, you can start with Facebook ads. Yes, you can learn how to Continue reading Top 25 Internet Roundup: The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Advertising, Promoted Tweets to App Timeline, The 8 Principles of Product Naming, The Anatomy of an Effective Web Design, and Writing Great Subject Lines

A Chat with Scott Stratten About Getting Results from Twitter in 2012

Scott Stratten was cool enough to have a brief conversation with the author today about Getting the most out of Twitter. There are a couple of gems in his simple advice that remind us to keep social interaction in focus on social media.

Who Is This Scott Stratten Guy?

Scott is on the list of most influential Twitter users in the world #3 on Dun and Bradstreet’s List: the Most Influential Small Business People on Twitter . He Runs the Firm Unmarketing and wrote the Bestselling book of the same name. He is also a mean Karaoke singer, a dad, and an all around nice guy.

Amazing that one of the top twitter personalities in the world spends most of his time on twitter responding to @ messages. even though he has plenty to tweet about in self promotion, between speaking gigs, book tour events, the new version of his book coming out soon and general musings see what he has to say below it may inspire you to think differently about your social media involvement.

It Started with this tweet from Soctt:
unmarketing: The most I’ve gotten out of social media is when I focused on one platform (Twitter in 09).


IronShirtMediaIronShirtMedia: Will focus get similar results now? RT @unmarketing: The most I’ve gotten out of social media is when I focused on 1 platform (Twitter 09)


unmarketingunmarketing@IronShirtMedia somewhat, don’t think it will ever be the same though


IronShirtMediaIronShirtMedia@unmarketing I agree I think over population and signal to noise ratio has changed things, A LOT


unmarketingunmarketing@IronShirtMedia yes, but we control a lot of the noise we receive by who we follow.


IronShirtMediaIronShirtMedia@unmarketing great point. I’m curious on your end what encourages you to follow vs drop somone? as it relates to signal vs noise?


unmarketingunmarketing@IronShirtMedia I rarely drop someone and don’t read most who I follow. I made the mistake of auto-following back first 30k that followed me


IronShirtMediaIronShirtMedia@unmarketing ouch. I imagine that means lists play a huge part in actually managing your twitter activity then?


unmarketingunmarketing@IronShirtMedia I have one list of about 120 people, but 95% of my time is spent on @ mentions. Gotta keep up 🙂


IronShirtMediaIronShirtMedia@unmarketing if you could give one tip to any twitter user about how to get more out of it what would that be?


unmarketingunmarketing@IronShirtMedia Twitter is a conversation, not a dictation.


IronShirtMediaIronShirtMedia@unmarketing thanks scott.

Internet Roundup: Top 25; Pros and Cons of Facebook’s Subscribe Feature, Epic Uses of Embedded Tweets, Finding Inspiration on Fast Food, Turning Small Projects Into Big Profit and Email Marketing Services Reviewed.

Facebook Marketing

See What Attracts People to Your Business’s Facebook Page
Content matters. Looks matter. Everything you do on Facebook matters when it comes your customer’s attention and interests.

Continue reading Internet Roundup: Top 25; Pros and Cons of Facebook’s Subscribe Feature, Epic Uses of Embedded Tweets, Finding Inspiration on Fast Food, Turning Small Projects Into Big Profit and Email Marketing Services Reviewed.

Internet Roundup: Top 25; Killer Facebook Campaigns, How to Fix a Twitter Faux Pas, Small Business Predictions for 2012 and a Secret Sauce for Awesome Email Subject Lines.

Facebook Marketing

How To Get 41% More Likes On Your Facebook Posts

Take it to the next level without much effort by following these easy steps. It’s all about understanding.

Continue reading Internet Roundup: Top 25; Killer Facebook Campaigns, How to Fix a Twitter Faux Pas, Small Business Predictions for 2012 and a Secret Sauce for Awesome Email Subject Lines.

Internet Roundup: Top 25; The Value of Facebook Fans, Back to Basics with Twitter, What You Can Learn from Rachel Ray and Email Still Lives Above Facebook.

Facebook Marketing

Understanding the Value of a Facebook Fan
Each fan will bring money so you need to start working on your best strategy.

Continue reading Internet Roundup: Top 25; The Value of Facebook Fans, Back to Basics with Twitter, What You Can Learn from Rachel Ray and Email Still Lives Above Facebook.

Less Tweets and More Followers, Buzzwords You Shouldn’t Use and 50 Tips to Increase Traffic.

Study: The less you tweet, the more followers you get
Proof that sometimes less is more. This is a journalism study, but someone needs to do a marketing one! Who says “I”?

9 Buzzwords Your Start-up Shouldn’t Use
When you think about it, it’s hilarious how pretentious we actually sound when we use those words when writing a mission statement for a Startup. Be careful!

Foursquare Badges Now Level Up

This is so exciting! Once we have a cool badge we can just add levels. It’s the twist Foursquare users were waiting for.

50 Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

Short, sweet and to the point. Once again we share tips to increase traffic; read these and use them according to your needs.

Animated Buttons with CSS3
These little monsters are cool and doable!

35 Free Graffiti Fonts That Are Hella Cool

I don’t use the term “hella” but I’m going to agree these fonts are pretty cool… if you’re the graffiti type (pun intended).

Facebook Timeline Rollout, Fighting the Freelance Funk and WordPress Guides.

Facebook Timeline Rollout ‘When It’s Ready’: Lavrusik
Julie Andrews from AllFacebook tells us how Vadim Lavrusik’s speech for the Changing Media Landscape panel at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism convinced his audience that volume equals quality. Same idea for Facebook Timeline going 100% public, he says “It will launch when it’s ready.” We can safely assume that it’s not ready yet.

17 Twitter Marketing Tips From the Pros
17 marketing pros share one tip to improve your Twitter presence and gain traffic. Not only to Twitter but your blog/website and attract new customers.


Email and social media study highlights differences between US and UK
This article highlights the difference between the usage of email, Facebook and Twitter in the UK and the US. The UK cares more about the free stuff than the US, surprisingly!

Four ways to fight the freelance funk
Sometimes as freelancers we occupy most of our time working (because honestly we can survive on coffee and bagels), and sometimes our brains just give up on the creativity fight. Here’s an article with four tips on how to give yourself a break.

Writing WordPress Guides For The Advanced Beginner
If you want to get noticed, write a tutorial. Google “how to…” and you’ll learn “how-to…” So here are great tips that our friends from Smashing Magazine put together to help you bring attention to yourself on the web by improving a WordPress tutorial for the smart folk. By making your tutorials easier to understand, you’ll greatly increase your own Web traffic and enrich the greater WordPress community.

Are you a Mobro? What Mustaches Can Teach Us About Leveraging Twitter #Hashtags

Imagine you sell men’s grooming products. You want to boost sales before the holiday but don’t have a sizeable footprint in the market and want to reach more men who require grooming.

Sounds daunting but challenges like this are overcome every single day. The trick is to find a niche community of web users who are already engaged around a topic and join in the fray.

This month you should be active in the #movember hashtag that stands for Mustache November and has 6.9Million page results on Google for “movember” related content. Get involved in that content stream and you could be the coolest purveyor of mustache wax on twitter and facebook.

Being the coolest also means being valuable to the #mo-growers that are raising awareness for prostate cancer. The strategy must be fully fleshed out. Not just “tweet on the #movember hashtag”

Do not just spam the hashtag

Spend the time and build real content and real relationships. You will get more traction out of answering some questions and being a genuine human than you will link spamming the hashtag. Your first posts in a hashtag are building context for your links to your own content later. But when you link make it stuff that is actually helpful to the other members of the hash tag.

Develop Specific Content for the theme of the hashtag

  • Instructional video on how to properly wax your mustache.
  • Info graphic that shows a variety of different mustache shapes and how to trim them.
  • A Flickr photo set of the top 10 manliest mustache wearers of the modern age.
  • Build a facebook and twitter sharing tool that will allow guys to tweet abouth their support of #movember linking to a photo of the style of mustache they are growing.

Develop a Sales Strategy in Parallel with the hashtag activity

Run a promotion that a percentage of sales of mustache grooming gear from your co purchase in November will go to fund prostate cancer research via #movember
Allow users to tweet or facebook post after purchase that they just bought mustache grooming products and that $X.XX of their purchase is going to support prostate cancer #movember.

This is a full on strategy for leveraging a hashtag. Don’t think the hashtag you are looking at is worth that much effort? Then pick a better hash tag or watch your competitors lambaste you in mustache wearing victory!

Internet Marketing Round-up: 25 of the Week’s Best Marketing Articles: Best Facebook Pages, Twitter-generated ROI and B2C Success for the Holiday Season.

Happy Monday! Here’s our weekly round-up of last week’s and some of the weekend’s best articles for your brain and business to rejoice with.

Facebook Marketing

Once again our friends at HubSpot are doing it right. They found (and shared) amazing Facebook pages to help us get inspiration. They’re all different, they all have different target audiences and strength that we can learn from.

Continue reading Internet Marketing Round-up: 25 of the Week’s Best Marketing Articles: Best Facebook Pages, Twitter-generated ROI and B2C Success for the Holiday Season.

Holiday Marketing Stats, Designer Surveys and Domain Names.

How to Use Facebook Open Graph Apps for Marketing Through the Ticker and Timeline

The gentle Josh Constine from Inside Facebook did us a favour and explained us how to use Open Graph with graphic examples and some strategies to follow.

60 Inspirational Holiday Marketing Statistics

Exciting stats!
1) ShopperTrak reported that $10.69 billion was spent on Black Friday 2010, with 212 million shoppers visiting their favorite retailer offline and online.
18) Cyber Monday 2010 saw $1.028 billion of online sales that were made by 9 million shoppers.
52) 31% of smartphone users say they’ll use it to research or compare holiday prices.

via @HubSpot

2011 GraphicDesigner Survey: For the Brilliant Minds Behind the Graphics | You the Designer

Everyone who takes the survey will have a chance to win a Macbook Pro , which is a great incentive.

3 Ways Facebook Can Help You Get Repeat Shoppers

Can you build relationships during the holiday season and keep them year-round? Here are some helpful tips to do so!

How to find a good domain name

Great resources to help you spend less time to find awesome domain names for your next Startup.

Local marketing Tactics for Facebook, “Gold Rush” and New Twitter Ads!

7 Money Saving Ways For Local Businesses To Market Themselves On Facebook
A little advice that can have a huge impact for a small business with big dreams.

Local marketing is different than other marketing, and there are Facebook features that only work with local businesses, so local Facebook marketing has to be different as well.

10 Quick Tips for Photoshop Users
Texture, grid, brushes, layers, etc. Quick lessons that should stay in your brain.

Why entrepreneurs should be watching Discovery Channel’s “Gold Rush”
Gold Rush is extra interesting to me because it has all the elements of an engaging startup story, but in a completely different context than my world.

A TV programme that allows us entrepreneurs to scream at the television, hoping they’ll hear our advice… One day.

Twitter Adds ‘Top News’ and ‘Top People’ to Search Results
With no word from the official Twitter Blog, it looks like the microblogging service is slowly and quietly rolling out two new features to its search functionality: “Top News” and “Top People.”

Like BJ’s Wholesale Facebook Page, Feed The Hungry
If you ‘like’ their Facebook page, the unsold food will end up at a local Feeding America bank instead of a dumpster. Easy karma? I thought so.

Clueless Marketers, Back to Basics, and Awesome Business Cards.

How to Spot a Clueless Marketer

The kind folks over at HubSpot have been good enough to tell you how to tell the difference between a marketer that can actually help you and one that,will just drain your budget. via @HubSpot

Back to Basics:
What Is A QR Code And How Does It Work?

Speaking of the clueless, here in the midwest QR codes are still a growing trend. Many companies and marketers are asking what they are and how they work. Heres a great primer.


55 Brilliant Letterpress Business Cards

Low tech is high fashion at the moment. In the world of vista print full color cards are no longer the way to stand out. These oldschool hand produced letterpress cards are “the new black” in business card design.

1 In 4 Small Biz Hate Social Media, Love Facebook

Finally business owners are starting to differentiate between the buzz words. Social Media is a concept, not a tool set. Nany small businesses are realizing that being social is hard work but facebook is pretty easy and the returns are easy to track….for now.

Inbound Marketers, No Sleep and Apple’s Simple Marketing Manifesto.

It’s already November, and I hope you’re getting ready for Holiday season!
Here’s today’s Top Five: enjoy!

101 Signs You’re an Inbound Marketer .
Number 40 being my favourite… #youknowwhy via @HubSpot

8 Days A Week: How to find an extra 24 hours for your freelance business .
Because we’ll have time to sleep when we turn 60… and even if we don’t make it to 60 years old, we’ll have eternal rest.

Collection of useful illustrator tutorials #3
It’s playtime! (Just don’t let your boss catch you)


Apple’s Simple Marketing Manifesto
Literally, as simple as 1, 2, 3… can we learn something from it?


Network Solutions, North Social Launch Facebook Fan Page Marketing

Genius? You tell me.


Trick or Treaters, Zombies, and 1.3 Billion Facebook Photos

As I (Constanza) introduce myself as the newest IronShirtMedia member, I’d like to announce our Daily Top 5 where I will (or Carl himself) find and share articles for your learning and/or entertainment.

5 Lessons Trick-or-Treaters Can Teach Us About Inbound Marketing
including the biggest ‘duh’: make sure we know you’re open for business and you’re inviting us in. via @HubSpot


37 Zombie Photos that are Just Plain Nasty
and a few others that are just plain weird via You the Designer

Lessons Learned from Scary Business Mistakes
from a serial young entrepreneur. Although most of the time we learn from our own mistakes, it’s good to know we haven’t really messed it up.

Should you do ghostwriting?
… well… should you?




Facebook Halloween Photo Uploads Will Top 1.2 Billion
so treat your friends with your own Halloween pictures! We’ll see numbers tomorrow!

Facebook Sharing, Privacy and Places Update puts Foursquare and Google+ in Facebook’s Sights

Over the last week or so since Facebook announced closing down Facebook places for check-ins many have thought Facebook was letting go of the location based check-in feature and foursquare wouldn’t have to worry about the competition.

Facebook vs Foursquare

Facebook has made it easier, integrated check-ins into the main features of Facebook. All a user has to do is click the location icon on their status update and choose a location or type the name of one from a list.

Facebook Vs. Google +

Many heralded the circles function on G+ and the ability to share only with certain groups part of why Google + could be a Facebook Killer. Just a month and change after G+ launches and now Facebook allows you to share posts only with certain people or groups.

The low down on the new Facebook sharing, location, and privacy updates:

How does sharing my location work?

Sharing your location lets you tell family and friends where you are as you’re posting. There are two main ways to do this.

  1. Tell people you’re at a specific place
    To include a specific place when you post, like a restaurant or event, click the icon and type in the name of the place or event. To say you’re there with others, click the icon and type in their names. As always, you can control who sees this post by choosing an audience before you publish it.Others can add you to where they are, too. When friends tag you somewhere, that post shows up on your profile. If you want to review posts you’re tagged in before they go on your profile, you can turn on Profile Review
  2. Include your general location
    Instead of a specific place, you can choose to include the city or area you’re in. This will appear next to the timestamp of your post. We’ll suggest where you’re nearby. If we’re off or you don’t want to say what city you’re near, you can remove it by clicking the “x” that appears when you hover over the location tag.You can also fill in your current city yourself. If you add your general location, it’ll stay on for future posts until you shut it off. So, the next time you post, your general location will be added to that post. Once removed, it’ll stay off until you add it back to your post.

Who Can See Things I Share?

If you don’t remember who you shared with or changed your mind about who to share with, you can check the audience inline, right next to the post. Just review the icon that shows you which audience you picked: Public (Maximum audience for adults)

Friends of Friends (Maximum audience for minors)

Friends (+ friends of anyone tagged)

Only me

Custom (Includes specific groups, friend lists or people you’ve specified to include or exclude)  <—( lookout G+ this one is aimed at you)

The audience selector is next to each post you make; it’s not on a separate settings page. The tool remembers the audience you shared with the last time you posted something and uses the same audience when you share again unless you change it.

You can go back and change the audience for any post you made by clicking the menu to pull down your options.

Parting Thoughts:

Shutting down places was not Facebook withdrawing from geo-location but upping the ante and going full on with the integration to the main interface. This makes every business having their Facebook place page set up even more important than ever!
Second Facebook just used social media for one of it’s best features, they listened to all of the chatter about how much people like circles on Google+ and figured out a way to build the features people want into the Facebook experience. If this feature sees rapid adoption among Facebook users Google+ may wind up being about as cool as Google wave.

How To Stand Out in a Sea of Web Content

The Great Wave by Aurore Colson

You’ve heard it said that content is king but with the 30 billion shares per month on Facebook, 200 million tweets per day on twitter and more than 48 hours of video posted to you tube each minute. How will your content for your business actually get noticed in that massive deluge of information?

The Answer: Passion

The beauty of the web for users is the ability to find exactly what we want when we want it. And most importantly to stay connected to subjects we are passionate about. People are passionate about sports, about decorating, about cooking, about wine, about celebrity gossip, about humanitarian efforts in Japan. As marketers it is our job to find topics of passion around which business owners and customers will connect in a meaningful way.

People Don’t Care About Things. They Care About Experiences with Things.

That is what our blogs, our videos, and our social shares have to center on if we want them to be meaningful. Engage readers, viewers, friends and tweeps in experiences, conversations, and topics they care about and make the things we sell a part of that larger experience.

Sell hotdogs? Instead of blogging about hotdogs try blogging about baseball (according to the national hot dog and sausage council major league ballparks were predicted to serve almost 22 million hotdogs per season! ). Discuss the fine points of the difference between a Dodger dog, a Chicago dog or a hot dog at Fenway or Yankee stadium.

Talk to Your Customers

People become passionate because of the experiences they have had. Find real stories that connect customers to you and to each other and build communication around the topics of those stories. Being the connection point between customers with shared passion will make your brand part of the glue in their relationships with each other.

A Motorcycle event promoter redesigned all their promotional content for a Memorial Day motorcycle show around honoring fallen U.S. troops. Fans responded with social shares, comments, and huge event response because they wanted to honor those they were close to. Sure they were Bikers and they wanted to go to a bike show, but the social traction gained by connecting to that larger issue massively improved the pre and post-show sharing. Following the event the tagline “Because They Died We Still Ride” continued to circulate the web.

What Passion Points Can You Tap into with Your Customers?

What passion points are consistent between your leadership, staff, and customers? Leverage some of those things as the center of your Facebook content.

Four Words That Will Whip Your Marketing Into The Best Shape Ever!

America’s biggest problem in marketing is the exact same problem we have with our waistlines. Too many marketers, marketing departments, corporate entities, and brands have a plain lack of discipline.

Being attractive takes work, in physical reality drive thrus, ice cream, and sleeping late are all nice indulgences but being in shape physically takes discipline. So does whipping your marketing into shape. A haphazard email strategy, or a binge and purge style inconsistency in marketing is the quickest way to unpredictable and unsustainable results.

We seem to have an “I’ll go to the gym when I need to lose weight” mentality.

Snap the hell out of it people. You can’t wait for a problem to appear to start looking for a solution. Want to build a better blog? Want to run a tighter web marketing program? Want to lose 10 pounds the solution is the same.

Do Something Every Day.

Don’t expect miracles, and don’t stop at the first signs of success, or lack thereof.

Rockstars don’t stop practicing because they put out a good record. You shouldn’t stop marketing just because your product or service suddenly got some good press or surpassed your quarterly goals. (you do have goals don’t you?).

What are you doing today to get closer to a goal? If your answer is You aren’t sure, or you don’t know, or nothing…Then I guess we already know you have the same problem as everyone else. Congratulations you suck too. Now drag yourself out of the muck and DO SOMETHING!!!!

Lessons from a 5 Year Old Drummer Who Owns Youtube Marketing

5 year old Drummer Jonah Rocks has used social media to build a huge fan base, sell T-shirts, gain sponsors and share stage space with some of the biggest names in rock and roll including KISS, Bryan Adams, and more.

Check out this video to see this kids amazing talent and read below to see the key takeaways you should gain from his success.

Leverage Related Content Filters

Key to Jonah’s success was taking some of the hardest drum songs in rock and roll and playing them on camera and posting on youtube where peopel would find them by mistake. By positioning his content in a stream people were already browsing for he gets thousands of views just form youtube’s related content filter. Notice his cover of Chop Suey by System of a Down with over 600,000 youtube views!

Be Sensational With Content Titles

Every Jonah Rocks video has a title like “Rush – Tom Sawyer, 5 Year Old Drummer, Jonah Rocks” it’s super clear aout the content it says exactly why it’s out of the ordinary and any Drum aficionado knows that anything by Rush is super challenging and would love to see a 5 year old tackle a song that gives most long time pro drummers nightmares of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Build a massive Volume of Content

There are videos posted month after month of this kid for a span of two plus years and it wasn’t until he had over a years worth of content that he got an invite to a KISS concert and got to play on stage during sound check. His consistent posting built a repository of content that proves his viability to the industry and has leveraged him into opportunities that otherwise would take over a dozen years in the traditional channels.

Lead with Personality and FUN

Part of the allure is watching a 5 year old with a mo-hawk showboat playing one handed while he rocks out and headbangs away just like the big guys do. his stage presence on video is part of what makes his videos worth watching end to end. The levelof fun he is having is infectious and that is why video is so awesome of a medium for him. you need to find how to make your personality and your passion for your content infectious because that is the real secret sauce that separates one great piece of online content from the rest of the schlock out there that no one reads or comments on or share.

Good luck and don’t forget if you’re going to go at this online marketing thing GO BIG!