Roguebotic Partners with Proper on Cause Marketing Lab

In the last 45 days Proper has turned a vacant retail space into a collaborative creative lab and gallery space. Hosted a limited edition Screen printed poster show as a fund raiser to help recoup the cost of the build out in the space.  Hosted a Record store pop up shop with Satellite Records to build awareness for the WIDR/ Vine Neighborhood Association block party, Worked with D&W to donate bread to the hungry in Kalamazoo and worked with Urban Modern Hair to Provide free back to school haircuts to kids living in the local homeless shelter.

Roguebotic’s strategic partnership with the non profit Proper is to produce a discussion centered around social awareness. We believe that we live in a society where we are all so busy that we need a bit of a reminder to think about the larger picture; about our individual impact on our community. Did you do something proper today? That’s what we encourage you to ask.

Proper is an awareness campaign with a subtle cultural message, DO Something Proper. Our culture doesn’t need another cause clamoring for your attention we need encouragement to do something with the time and resources we have. Waiting for the world to change doesn’t make the world better. We have to take action and change it ourselves.