Top 25 Internet Roundup: The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Advertising, Promoted Tweets to App Timeline, The 8 Principles of Product Naming, The Anatomy of an Effective Web Design, and Writing Great Subject Lines

Facebook Marketing

The Do’s and Don’ts of Advertising on Facebook
Yes, you should consider advertising. Yes, you can start with Facebook ads. Yes, you can learn how toHow To Run A Promotion On A Facebook Timeline Page
Another way to get fans and raise awareness, is to run promos! How? Here’s how!

Timeline for Facebook pages: a complete overview of new features
The opportunity for excellence that Facebook brings to our pages keeps getting better. Check out these new features and get some ideas!

Facebook offers up its solution to mobile ads challenge, opportunity
Facebook is finally heading the right direction with its mobile ads strategy. They, surprisingly, turned to Twitter to figure it out. Keep reading!

The Cold Truth: Many Marketers Aren’t Ready for Facebook’s Advertising
Incredibly expensive Facebook premium ads are the new thing Facebook came up with. Marketers and business owners aren’t very happy. Why? It’s too innovative for most and most aren’t ready.


Twitter introduces Promoted Tweets to app timeline
We’re already familiar with ads on Twitter but the new thing is: they’re on our timeline. Now, don’t panic since they’re not annoying. Or are they?

How to Customize Your Social Updates for Facebook and Twitter
Advice for updates. From length to frequency, pictures and language, these tips help you remember what and how to update!

Twitter opens ad platform for small businesses — and spammers
So we know Twitter integrated the ad platform already but there’s a huge malware opportunity. Anyone with an AmEx card can purchase a promoted tweet, so be careful!

Twitter To Sell Your Old Tweets
The chase for the money is incredible and the people at Twitter had the brilliant idea to sell your tweets where you praised something as data. Yes, you’ve become a product. Read on.

Companies Beware: Twitter Can Ruin You
If you don’t know how to tweet, then don’t tweet. You can screw up immensely. Here are five ways of possible screw-up techniques that you want to be terrible at. Take a look!


How to Structure Your Startup to Avoid Double Taxation
Here’s some advice on how to deal with your Startup’s legal entity.

The 8 Principles Of Product Naming
Here’s some advice for our Startup Weekend folks! Make it awesome!Is Starting a Business an Art or a Science?
Artist and scientists are very different but they have something in common: the greatest ones are absolutely mad, and they change the world. So… is it one or the other?

Things Entrepreneurs Never Confess To Their VCs
This is equally hilarious as it is partially true. I mean, we don’t want investors to really think we all act the same, huh?

If I Would Have Known Then What I Know Now- 29 Business Owners Speak Out
Ah, as entrepreneurs we love to learn from our own mistakes. Read these 30 tips that entrepreneurs had to learn on their own and maybe you’ll avoid that mistake.


7 important elements in visual communication
There’s a lot of things that can make or break you and non-verbal communication is one of them. So many of us turn away from horrid website designs or posters, so check out this article and learn some things you could avoid next time!

Become A Professional Designer Using Photo Manipulation Techniques
Learn how to use these Photoshop techniques and tutorials, and get ready to design like a god… or a designer.

30 Beautiful and Creative Print Ads
Friday of inspiration! The first image might give you a little scare if you’re at work!

The Anatomy of an Effective Web Design.
An incredibly well done infographic with important rules about web design success.

Top 10 Unique Examples of Logo Design Showing Symmetry
A lot of us love symmetry and try really hard to make everything to be symmetrical. Here are some prime examples of well-done logos that are perfectly symmetric. Hats off!

Email Marketing

Everything Email Marketers Need to Know About Sender Score
This new service/tool from Return Path that will help you tremendously understand and implement better strategy depending on your results. Isn’t this awesome?

Is your E-mail Campaign Working?
Did you put enough effort in your last email campaign to ensure its success? Do you wonder why it’s not working? Check out this article and take mental notes for your next campaign! You’ll see a difference!

How email and social work together: infographic
A great infographic from with stats about brands, social media and email marketing. Take a look!

Copywriting Tips: How to Write a Great Email Subject Line
It’s all about the subject line: you have to mention the important parts. If you don’t you’re doomed and you’ll be sent straight to the trash bin. Check out these tips to become more proficient writing subject lines.

Why 21 Links Could Be Key to Your Email Success
Set your link standards to 21 clicks. Why? Here’s why.