Internet Roundup: Top 25; Pros and Cons of Facebook’s Subscribe Feature, Epic Uses of Embedded Tweets, Finding Inspiration on Fast Food, Turning Small Projects Into Big Profit and Email Marketing Services Reviewed.

Facebook Marketing

See What Attracts People to Your Business’s Facebook Page
Content matters. Looks matter. Everything you do on Facebook matters when it comes your customer’s attention and interests.

SocialAppsHQ Releases Facebook Commerce Tab
Facebook tools keep getting better. Check out this super useful article on the commerce tab and go use it for your advantage.

Facebook to Introduce Sponsored Stories to News Feed in 2012
The experiment to sponsor stories as a subtle advertising method on Facebook is taking place as early next month.

The Pros and Cons of the Facebook Subscribe Feature
Facebook has been changing and with it, it allows Facebook marketing techniques to expand and become more user friendly. The subscribe feature has a lot of potential if used correctly but beware of the little things.

30 Top Facebook Apps for Business
From Welcome tabs to Donations tab, these cool apps are worth to look at and if they’re useful then use them.


Twitter and its benefits for business
Another article to make sure you know all the details about how Twitter will be beneficial for your branding.

What Time of Day is Best to Post Your Social Marketing Content to Twitter?
How to develop your own strategy to figure out the best time to tweet at your customers is deemed essential. Here’s an article on how to do it.

7 Epic Uses of Twitter’s New Embeddable Tweets Feature
Embed a tweet and use it to your advantage. Yes, it is useful and our friends at HubSpot tell us why.

10 Twitter tools for better social networking
You can tweet and grow by yourself or you can try using different tools to boost your Twitter presence. They seem promising and worth a try!

15 Useful Twitter Plugins for WordPress
Assuming that you don’t have a Plugin for your WordPress yet, you need to reconsider getting one. Here’s the thing, you need your blog and your Twitter to work together as closely as possible and you need the right tools.


Helpful Guide – Graphic Designer’s Road Map [Infographic]
Are you a newbie graphic designer? Check out this infographic with advice on workflow, inspiration and growth.

Put Together your Grip More Strong on Photoshop
This article discusses the importance of a couple of Photoshop tools that will help you grow as a new designer.Very basic and very useful.

Best Adobe Illustrator Character Tutorials
After this, you can build your own little furry friends on Illustrator. How fun!

How to remove index.php from url using .htaccess (mod_rewrite)
I apologize in advance for the terrifying use of Blogger over here but the content is gold.

World’s Famous Fast Food Restaurant Chains Websites for your Inspiration
Go leer at the food photography and the website designs. Both outstanding jobs.


Turning Small Projects Into Big Profit, A Case Study
Check out this case study with some simple math that helps us realize that even small amounts of money add up and a few tips on how to not miss out.

A Complete Resource Guide to Start a Business in 2012
Every new year comes with new goals. If you want to start your own business, check out this article. It has great tips and tools to help you get started.

Kardashian Crushes Spears as Queen of Celebrity Marketing
Maybe you think you can’t learn anything from a Kardashian or any talentless socialite but yes you can: Kim Kardashian is talentless yet she’s a money making machine and has more hits than Lady Gaga.

Managing Your Business In The Holiday Season
An article with a few tips to enjoy your holidays without mismanaging your business, especially if your client’s work doesn’t slow down around this time of the year.

10 Intriguing Business Books for Entrepreneurs to Read on Vacation
You can read these on vacation or before bed or anytime, really because these are great titles.hhh

Email Marketing

5 Key Ways to Maximize Email Marketing Effectiveness [Data]
An article with tips and links to case studies, surveys, data and tools that will help you understand how to better your B2C relationship.

Email Marketing Services Reviewed.
An excellent article with five email marketing services thoroughly and very carefully reviewed for your convenience. That way you can pick the one that fits you best.

Mobile email: Six tips for building a campaign that works
Consider the fast increase in mobile email marketing opportunities. Your email marketing campaign must work in mobile devices and this article specifically tells you why.

Your Mother Doesn’t Like Automated Email Campaigns [Cartoon]
Does she even know it’s automated?