Internet Roundup: Top 25; Killer Facebook Campaigns, How to Fix a Twitter Faux Pas, Small Business Predictions for 2012 and a Secret Sauce for Awesome Email Subject Lines.

Facebook Marketing

How To Get 41% More Likes On Your Facebook Posts

Take it to the next level without much effort by following these easy steps. It’s all about understanding.

Facebook Launches Timeline in New Zealand, Broader Rollout to Follow
Facebook’s timeline finally decides to make Timeline public and instead of starting with the obvious American population, it has made it available to Kiwis first.

How to Design a Killer Facebook Advertising Campaign
An excerpt from “Beyond the Facebook Business Page” from our friends at HubSpot who do a killer job at advising someone who has never advertised on Facebook before.

Easy Steps To Start Micro Blogging For Your Marketing Strategy
Strategic times when you Facebook/tweet are important. Here’s why.

Facebook Debuts ‘Subscribe’ Plugin For Websites
Now you can subscribe to a Facebook profile (sadly not Pages) and now you can add buttons to your website using XFBML. How fun? Now it needs to happen for Pages!


10 Twitter Tools for Better Social Networking
As we know, Twitter is very time-consuming and you absolutely need to keep up with it once you’ve started. Check out these tools that will simplify the way you use Twitter.

5 Easy Fixes for the Most Common Twitter Faux Pas
Check out this list of mistakes and how to fix them… if you’ve made them and are still making them.

Twitter gets closer to Facebook with new profile features
New “me” tab so you can tell your followers a little more about yourself or your brand. Because honestly, sometimes 150 characters isn’t enough.

Mixing Twitter with YouTube Never Looked So Fresh: Meet TwitVid’s New Video Social Network
I’m thinking of the illegitimate child of Twitter and YouTube. It could fail miserably and stay where it is or it could be the next big thing. Worth the try!

Why The New Twitter Leaves Me Feeling Disconnected
Twitter is doing a great job to stay as relevant and useful as Facebook, but to some people they’re doing it wrong. Our friends from Fast Company published why it’s not working for some people. Do you agree?


How to Make Prospects Forget that You’re Trying to Sell Them Something
Sometimes in order to correct your mistakes you need to be aware of them. Trying to sell is difficult and you might me going at it the wrong way, so check this article out and find out how to better your strategies.

21 Suggestions to a More Successful Career
This is a great article to read, and we suggest to keep it handy for next time you’re wondering to yourself how can you improve.

Top 10 Small Business Predictions for 2012
Hilarious and scary predictions for the year to come. March will come around and we’ll say “OH! I heard that would happen!”

Build Your Startup Team With People Better Than You
It’s interesting how some “leaders” think they have all the answers and leave no room for improvement. If you’re one of them, please stop. Check out this article on why you should work with people who are better than you.

How To Tell A Client No
This article is written for designers but it’s useful for anyone with difficult clients. Check out these tips on how to not get yourself fired by disagreeing with your client.


Responsive Design in 3 Steps
Responsive design is becoming crucial and it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Check out this quick tutorial that will definitely help you understand what you’re getting into.

30 Awesome Navigation Menu Designs for Inspiration
Some are modern, some are cute and some are definitely great examples of what you should do.

Web Design Inspiration: Welcome Messages/Pages
More inspiration for websites, whether you’re fixing or creating or simply want a little change.

How to Stay Inspired as a Logo Designer
Easy tips to not lose your groove and design something out of this world!

Movie Poster Design Basics
We know you’re not going to just sit there and make a poster for Angelina Jolie’s next big hit movie but these basics are also basics you can use to make promotions for your event, campaign or company’s information in general.

Email Marketing

Back to Basics!
The Email Composition
Three easy steps to create great marketing email material. If you haven’t started or want to improve, go over these again and make sure you’re getting your best out there.

Constant Contact Debuts Facebook Marketing Platform For Small Businesses
Constant Contact announced the launch of its Social Campaigns platform into the small business Facebook marketing and help create real and better costumer engagement. Check out this cool concept!

The 6-Step Secret Sauce for Awesome Email Subject Lines
This fun article will help you figure out what kind of subject line will catch your audience’s attention among all other emails they’re receiving and deliver your message.

Six approaches for future-proof email marketing
Every relationship needs to be future-proof and your relationship with your costumer isn’t any different. How you communicate and increase traffic is important and here’s an article that will help you reach your goal.