Internet Roundup: Top 25; The Value of Facebook Fans, Back to Basics with Twitter, What You Can Learn from Rachel Ray and Email Still Lives Above Facebook.

Facebook Marketing

Understanding the Value of a Facebook Fan
Each fan will bring money so you need to start working on your best strategy.

Facebook’s Acquisition of Gowalla is Official
The CEO of Gowalla officially (and excitedly) announced the decision of moving Gowalla to California to join Facebook! Congratulations!

Facebook Fans Dropping Herman Cain After Election Exit
Herman Cain suspends campaign, Facebook fans drop him without a second thought.

The Checklist All Facebook Pages Absolutely Must Have
Five points with subpoints of this checklist that will allow you to better manage your Facebook page. It doesn’t get easier than a checklist.

The Latest Changes to Facebook Insights Explained
You might have noticed that Facebook changed, or improved its pages’ insights. Here’s what you can do about it.


Twitter Hashtag Introduction
If you still wonder “What the *tweet* is a Hashtag?” then we’re going back to basics. Check out this blog post where our friends from Blog Traffic Exchange give you tips and tools on hashtags.

The Top Twitter Hashtags Of 2011
Now that we’re sure you know what a Twitter Hashtag is, let’s take a look at the list of worldwide top 25 hashtags of 2011.

4 Simple Steps to an Optimized Twitter Presence
There is so much more than just sharing valuable content on Twitter. Keeping up with your Twitter takes time, make sure you’re doing it right by following these four simple steps.

Twitter Chats, The Ultimate How To Guide
The concept of a Twitter Chat and a link to a guide of Twitter Chats that are weekly available. Go on and learn some more!

8 Steps to Hosting a Successful Twitter Chat
A Twitter chat allows you to connect to your audience on a personal level. You could try it and fail or succeed but it requires patience and a lot of work but it’s rewarding… if done right.


To Make Business Planning Less Daunting, Let’s Call It Something Else
“Business Plan” sounds scary when you think about it as a tedious document. But you have to be strategic and plan ahead, so what are you going to change its name to?

5 Great Apps For A Business Minded Person
Check out these awesome apps that you can find useful!

When To Let Employees Work From Home
It’s all in the talent of the company and the newer generations have different working conditions expectations but the work ethic should remain equal. Right?

10 Reality Checks Before You Start A Business
The unavoidable reality checks that actually put our lives in a better place are painful but great. This article asks you, as a potential entrepreneur, to evaluate yourself.

That’s Showbiz: What Entertainers Can Teach Entrepreneurs
As Entrepreneurs, we can learn the best from anything and anybody. Especially from Frank Sinatra, Conan and Rachel Ray… if someone points out her not-so-annoying side for me.


Overflow Image with vertical centering for Responsive Web Design
Quick and easy steps to center an overflowing image, and the author is looking for some CSS help. Help them?

40 Exciting Occupy Movement Designs
Disclaimer: We do not support nor discourage the Occupy movement, we’re sharing this article because some posters are really well done.

Successful Websites With Horrendous Designs
This fun article shows how some websites can be successful even if they’re painful to look at. Spoiler alert: Google made the list.

Website Design Ideas and Trends of 2011
These ideas were used the most and were the most successful during 2011 to build websites.

Elements to Remember While Creating a Business Logo
Don’t let your logo fall into the wrong hands but follow these tips if you’re creating/changing your business’ logo.

Email Marketing

Infographic: Facebook Hasn’t Killed Email Yet.
VisibleGains made an infographic for our learning and viewing pleasure to understand that email is not dead, y’all! Facebook is important but emails are important as well!

How to Save Ecommerce Sales With Abandoned Cart Emails
I am guilty of doing that always and it’s just because I’m poor but what happens when costumers have different reasons to leave their carts full and leave your website? What should you do?

The 5 Deadly Sins of Email Marketing
These deadly sins are on-point and some of us are, oh so guilty.

AM Inbox: Infusing the holidays into your email templates
‘Tis the season… to sell to your costumers your best deals via your best emails.