Internet Marketing Round-up: 25 of the Week’s Best Marketing Articles: Facebook Comments Plugin, 40 Useful Tweets, Tools for 2012 Communications Plans and Why Your Designer Hates You.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Timeline Users Can Now Past Date Photos
Now you can not only time-stamp your status updates but also your photos… IF you have the new Facebook Timeline. If you don’t, then you can wait for more awesome features.

Infographic: Why People (Dis-) Like Your Brand On Facebook
An explanation of how people, fans, followers, satisfaction of products and brands, etc affect your business.

How the Facebook Comments Plugin Can Boost Traffic, Improve Discussion Quality on Your Site
A short excerpt from Inside Facebook’s Facebook Marketing Bible Inside Network’s guide to marketing and advertising on Facebook. The plugin still has some issues Facebook should be working on, but it works wonders.

How To Make Money On Facebook Using Payvment
Our friends from AllFacebook interviewed the owner of College Hautees, Tamina Madsen, about how she has become so successful at selling tee-shirts on a Facebook page equipped with Payvment software. Payvment is free and this article can give you great ideas of how to incorporate it for your business.

Facebook Adds User Subscription Recommendations Based on Page Likes
This time, instead of using social context to recommend subscription, Facebook uses Page context and knows your interests pretty accurately.


How To Create Content For Twitter
Asher Ross from Bloggers Passion tells us how to generate relevant and quality content for Twitter.

40 useful tweets to share with your followers
We know what Twitter is for and we know our content should always be accurate and interesting. The folks from PRDaily give us 40 ways to tweet great contextual information.

17 Twitter Marketing Tips From the Pros
17 marketing pros share one tip to improve your Twitter presence and gain traffic. Not only to Twitter but your blog/website and attract new customers.

Are you a Mobro? What Mustaches Can Teach Us About Leveraging Twitter #Hashtags
#NoShaveNovember and how #Hashtags can make or break you.

Twitter Can Predict Who’s Winning the GOP Presidential Race [STUDY]
Political candidates do better in the polls when they gain


What Business Can Learn from Organized Crime
5 tips that a business owner can learn from (very well) organized crime. Precision, accuracy, development and competitive minds to know what works for or against them.

7 tools for your 2012 communications plans
Bring this sheet to your next meeting and start planning your 2012 like it’s your last year.

The 5 Worst Closing Techniques
Five lame techniques, their definition, an example, what you’re expecting and what you will actually get.

How Winning Contests Helped a Startup Beyond the Launch
Although this Startup is a bit different, it’s one nonetheless. I learned to never give up on trying to get free money for your Startup. Extra and free money is ALWAYS welcome in any business.

Quiz: Do You Have What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur?
A 21 question quiz that will let you know if you should really start your own business or think about something else. Because you should have what it takes and it’s not as easy as it seems.


Responsive web design from the future
A presentation about how GitHub handles links, the url bar, partial page updates, and explains why I think the HTML5 history API is the most important thing to happen to front end development since Firebug.

34 Veterans Day Pictures – A Tribute to Our Unsung Heroes
Veterans Day is coming up and the folks from You The Designer shared the best picture-tributes to the American heroes.

Promoting Brand USA: America’s New ‘Awesome’ Global Positioning
Oh, the “United States of Awesome Possibilities.” We’re promoting the United States of America to tourists and we also emphasize the fact that we are keen on personal hygiene. Well, most of us.

Why Your Designer Hates You
Six reasons why your designer hates you, a couple of signs of them hating you, and a few tips for you to improve your relationship… because you need a good designer to stay with you.

Writing WordPress Guides For The Advanced Beginner
If you want to get noticed, write a tutorial. Google “how to…” and you’ll learn “how-to…” So here are great tips that our friends from Smashing Magazine put together to help you bring attention to yourself on the web by improving a WordPress tutorial for the smart folk. By making your tutorials easier to understand, you’ll greatly increase your own Web traffic and enrich the greater WordPress community.

Email Marketing

Great Idea! End of Month Email Wrap Up
After an end of the month email Janine Popick received from, Thrillist she decided to write to us and encourage us who use email marketing to dedicate some time to this cool feature.

7 Deadly Sins of Marketing Automation
If you use marketing automation the right way, it will work wonders for you and your business but if you make a mistake, you should prepare to pay for such mistake: it’s “automation” not “automatic.”

Websites to increase your WordPress blog traffic and followers
Five websites that will help you gain traffic and increase Twitter followers that are useful. It’s worth the try, all you can lose is a follower that you never had in the first place.