Less Tweets and More Followers, Buzzwords You Shouldn’t Use and 50 Tips to Increase Traffic.

Study: The less you tweet, the more followers you get
Proof that sometimes less is more. This is a journalism study, but someone needs to do a marketing one! Who says “I”?


9 Buzzwords Your Start-up Shouldn’t Use
When you think about it, it’s hilarious how pretentious we actually sound when we use those words when writing a mission statement for a Startup. Be careful!


Foursquare Badges Now Level Up

This is so exciting! Once we have a cool badge we can just add levels. It’s the twist Foursquare users were waiting for.


50 Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

Short, sweet and to the point. Once again we share tips to increase traffic; read these and use them according to your needs.


Animated Buttons with CSS3
These little monsters are cool and doable!



35 Free Graffiti Fonts That Are Hella Cool

I don’t use the term “hella” but I’m going to agree these fonts are pretty cool… if you’re the graffiti type (pun intended).