CSS Basics, Brand New Productivity Tools and Reasons Why Great Content Fails.

Welcome to CSS Basics
I stumbled into this. It’s definitely worth sharing and definitely worth reading if you want to do anything productive this weekend and have the time. 18 Chapters that explain CSS to its basics and then some. Enjoy!


10 Brand New Productivity Tools You Probably Missed
We love being productive 24/7 and sometimes we fail but with the right tools for the right tasks we can succeed. Check these ten tools that were made in 2011 which means up-to-date, trendy and useful.


How Winning Contests Helped a Startup Beyond the Launch
Although this Startup is a bit different, it’s one nonetheless. I learned to never give up on trying to get free money for your Startup. Extra and free money is ALWAYS welcome in any business.



Facebook Opens Preferred Developer Consultant Fall 2011 Submissions
To all our dearly beloved readers who are developers who didn’t make the cut this past May, here’s your second chance!


6 Reasons Great Content Fails
It happens to the best of us: we get creative, develop great content and all of a sudden: it fails to spread. We’re shocked and disappointed and don’t understand, so check this article that the folks from HubSpot were so kind to write to help us creative minds.