5 Things Marketers Can Learn from the Occupy Wall Street Movement

via cnn.com

Build A Memorable Brand

Occupy wall street works so well because saying it once paints a vivid mental picture and then add the images of the real event, the massive activity on social networks and the consistency of the press coverage and a short period has built a simple protest into one of the first ever a “branded protests” where the activists have unified under one brand idea.

How well does your brand create an immediate mental picture? Does that picture connect directly to the most important part of your brand story and promise to your customers?

Leverage Existing Memes

we are the 99% was an ongoing meme that the occupy wall st folks adopted in order to rapidly spread the message by leveraging common knowledge to make their key point. the 99% always sound powerful and as a result in this case the un-represented 99 are speaking out to take back the power they should wield based on numbers.

Taking  a twist on what people already know is a great way to deepen their relationship with your brand, product, or service. particularly if you hit a deep emotional reality. connecting Americans to the idea that they are part of the group protesting whether they like it or not incites a response at an emotional level and it encourages deeper reflection. What common knowledge or popular content memes can you leverage to drive emotional response?

Be Disruptive

All of this great branding and messaging made no impact untill the people actually started showing up on wall street and then in cities all over the country disrupting the normal flow of day-to-day life and forcing an audience.

We can’t all take to the streets with signs and banners, or pitchforks and torches for that matter but we can look for opportunities to reach large groups with a disruptive message.

Create Community

empowering people who wanted to “make a difference” but didn’t have a clear direction on how to get involved with the occupy movement and providing them with signs, social media content and more allowed the community to stretch beyond the expected liberal borders into a larger group of political idealists.

Does your message have an active hashtag? get on it. getting people talking in an open forum but using your hashtag on twitter is a key part of getting the 99% to carry your message forward.

How will your marketing strategy be inclusive of the social media realm? What tools can you provide for your supporters to re-tweet, like, share on Facebook and Twitter etc. this is the new face of marketing and missing these engagements is a direct path to un-realized potential customers.

Have A Clear Desired Outcome

this is the part the 99% have yet to do right. as marketers it is our job to know exactly why we are doing a marketing activity and offer a direct and easy response process for the people we are reaching to take action in a way that is in line with our desired outcome.

getting lots of attention and press and awareness is great but you must have a clear call to action right behind that awareness otherwise you are missing a big opportunity for revenue.